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School Supplies Done Right

 NEW for 2017: A Remarkable Program


"School Supplies Made Simple"






  • The Kits are packed in a reusable 16" wide x 12" high x 6" deep Tote Bag with 24" handles, made from recycled products upon request. (recycle code #5)
  • $10.00 Gift Certificate good for any purchases on our web store.  Chose from backpacks, book covers, school supplies and much more
  • We are committed to our environment and continued education to our youth on the importance of being good stewards of our environment.

  • We supply recycled and American made products and purchase from manufacturers that concerned about our environment
  • Low Price and Satisfaction Guarantee




How it works - Our Simple Program will have your parents and teachers smiling!
1.  Email your supply lists from each grade level or FAX to 888-511-2898.
2.  Sign your Agreement early to lock in the highest discounts.
3.  We will send your personalized school supply pack quotes to you for approval.
4.  Once approved, we print your Parent Order Forms with your parent pricing for each pack.  You may increase the pack prices to any realistic amount in order to make a fundraising profit.
5.  We send your Parent Order Forms along with your FREE Marketing Kit to your school.  (Online ordering is also available).  Some schools do 100% online sales.
6.  Send the Parent Order Forms / Information Letter home with your students.
7.  Parents/Students return their Order Forms and payment at least 2 weeks before the end of school or order online by June 15.
8.  Send us the orders and payment in the postage paid envelope provided by June 15.
9.  We arrange delivery of your school supply packs to your location before school starts in August.