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Tray / Bin package
"Just Pop the Top and Shop"
The In-School Holiday Shopping Program
That's Educational and Fun For Everyone!

Check our in school holiday store's standard services and products - NO ONE can give you what My Holiday Fair can! Our program has been designed to be the easiest to set up, run and close out, especially for schools with limited volunteers and limited space! Your students will love the My Holiday Fair in school Christmas Store.

     The "MyHoliday Fair" in school holiday store is totally redesigned this year. The exclusive Tray/Bin Pack System (shown above) enables your school to host a Christmas / Holiday school store in almost any location with as few as 3 volunteers. Your students will love the My Holiday Fair and so will the volunteers!

Second grade shoppers at
Lakeland Elementary School.

Merchandise examples:
Promotional Items Included Free!

Large inventory of over 130 different Quality Items
Packed in our exclusive Tray/Bins
"Treasure Chest" containing 144 free items
Parent letters in both English and Spanish
Color posters
Budget envelopes in both English and Spanish
Decorated tablecloths
Door covers
Plastic carry-home bags
Gift bags
Savings banks for each student
Helpful Hints "How-To" manual
My Holiday Fair pays for all shipping

Call 1-800-236-2696 or email and a friendly Best In Class School Supplies Direct representative will provide all the information you need to host a successful in school store.  

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