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Science Fair Project Supplies
Project Boards

Best In Class School Supplies Project Boards make good Science Fair projects great. Our Science Fair Display Boards are made from dual ply corrugated cardboard.

Each Science Fair Presentation Board is large 36" high X 48" wide and trifolds. Project Display Boards are packed 25 pcs to a case.

Minimum order is one case AND FREIGHT IS FREE!

Additional Colors available in Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Light Blue, Fuchsia, Silver and Gold!

Student Privacy Screen

An affordable, effective way to provide students and schools with private space.

An easy to use privacy screen / board that helps students at their desks to concentrate and focus better.

The Privacy Screen is an amazing tool for teachers striving to create a quality classroom environment. Privacy Screens are made from durable 2 ply cardboard. The Privacy Boards are reusable and long lasting.

Increase TAKS / test scores.

Trifold Screen / Board fits on top of a standard Desk - Packed in a Case of 25. Made from 2 Ply Cardboard and is Reusable. 6' wide x 18" Tall ($3.45 each)


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