Color Xploder Lollipops 640 count master case


Color Xploder Lollipops

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Lollipops Purchase by the Master Case:

  • Each Master Case has 8 inner boxes with 80 lollipops inside.  
  • Each inner box has 2 carry bags of 40 lollipops each and 2 collection envelopes.  
  • 640 lollipops per Master Case
  • Cost: $320.00 per Master Case ($.275 per lollipop)
  • Sell:   $640.00 per Master Case ($.50 per lollipop)
  • 50% Profit

Lollipops available:

  • Yummy Lix
  • Color Xploder
  • Sour Mania
  • Yummy Hearts
  • Yummy Bear
  • Yummy Lips
  • Sour Yummy Lips
  • Yummy Star
  • ​Baseball
  • Hope Ribbon
  • Merry Pops
  • Lolliween
  • Lolliball
  • Hot Pops
  • Say No to Drugs Red Ribbon

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Weight 10 lbs


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