Glitter Gel Smens



Scented gel ink pens

Smens are perfect for organization and color coding notes, homework, crafts, and other writing activities. These great smelling pens have proven to be a great teaching incentive in school.

Glitter Gel Smens
  •  Perfect for coloring, organizing, or drawing
  •  Writes in colored glitter gel ink
  •  Scents are guaranteed to last for 2 years
  • Scents

    •  Bubble Gum
    •  Cotton Candy
    •  Cupcake
    •  Watermelon

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Glitter Gel Smens® emits its scent through the unique grip design. It comes with colored glitter gel ink and is packaged in its own recyclable plastic freshness tube.

The case of Glitter Gel Smens® includes 10 buckets. Each bucket comes with 32 Smens®. You will receive 8 each of the 4 scents per bucket.

  • 320 Glitter Gel Smens per case
  • FREE shipping within the 48 contiguous States
Suggested Pricing & Profit
Sell For School Profit Profit Per Case
$2.00 50% $320


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