Tri-Color Smens



Scented 3-ink pens

Smens are perfect for organization and color coding notes, homework, crafts, and other writing activities. These great smelling pens have proven to be a great teaching incentive in school.

Tri-Color Gel Smens
  •  Perfect for coloring, organizing, or drawing
  •  Writes in black, blue, and red ink
  •  Scents are guaranteed to last for 2 years
  • Scents

    •  Grape
    •  Orange
    •  Watermelon
    •  Sour Apple

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Tri-Color Gel Smens® emits its scent through the unique grip design. It comes with three colored gel ink tips and is packaged in its own recyclable plastic freshness tube.

The case of Tri-Color Gel Smens® includes 10 buckets. Each bucket comes with 32 Smens®. You will receive 8 each of the 4 scents per bucket.

  • 320 Tri-Color Gel Smens per case
  • FREE shipping within the 48 contiguous States
Suggested Pricing & Profit
Sell For School Profit Profit Per Case
$2.00 50% $320


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