Standard School Packs for home and school

  • Standard School Supply Packs & Distance Remote Learning Packs – Everything Your Kids Need to Help Learning 

    Schools across the country are learning from home thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Shopping for new school supplies is extremely difficult thanks to nationwide lock downs. That’s where we come in. Best in Class provides school supply packs for students of any grade level containing everything they’ll need for a successful home learning environment. We deliver pre-packaged name brand products when you need them, at low prices. It’s a no-brainer.


  • Save time and money by ordering our “Standard School Supply Packs”.
  • Prices include delivery to your home or business.
  • Each grade level pack includes the most essential items to get the school year started with success.    
  • The basic school supplies that most take for granted are not available for many children that are in need.  
  • Our packs are ready to ship with quality products and have enough supplies to start a great school year.  
  • We specialize working with many government and charitable organizations that provide school supplies to the children in need in their communities.  
  • Order here and be done with your back to school supplies shopping.  
  • The prices below include FREE SHIPPING to the address of your choice.  
  • Schools, districts, agencies, PLEASE CALL FOR QUANTITY DISCOUNTS and Substantial FREIGHT COST SAVINGS.  
  • Each pack also contains a FREE reusable draw cord plastic bag.    

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